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Aims and Values  

Inspire, Explore, Nurture, Succeed.

Our aim is to inspire, engage and motivate our children to ignite a passion for learning so that they reach their potential.  We will achieve this by providing an immersive, creative, personalised and nurturing environment where children can explore, discover and learn through real life experiences to build the foundations for lifelong learning.



Love, Peace, Hope, Reverence, Grace, Community, Thankfulness, Perseverance and Forgiveness are our Christian Values that sit within our core values.


Our Golden Rules

 We are gentle

We are kind and helpful

We listen

We are honest

We are respectful

We try our best

We work hard

We treat others as we would want to be treated





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We value everyone as unique human beings; capable of spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual, emotional and physical growth and development.

We aim to provide a Christian framework that:

  • nurtures growth

  • helps all to flourish

  • engages with the Christian faith, life and worship.

We value an environment that is safe, engaging and stimulating.

Our aim is to provide an environment that is immersive and provide first hand learning experiences.




We value creative thinking, respect for self and others, and the ability to learn from mistakes.

We aim to provide an environment in which learners can:

  • build on their strengths

  • overcome their weaknesses

  • develop self-awareness

  • improve on their own standards

  • strive to achieve their best

We value courtesy, respect, co-operation and team work, and tolerance of others.

We aim to:

  • celebrate the success of others

  • treat others as we would like to be treated

  • demonstrate a caring and supportive attitude to others

  • support each other and work as a team


We value learning that is stimulating, engaging and challenging.

We aim to provide learning which is:

  • relevant

  • challenging

  • for an authentic audience


We value lively and enquiring minds, a thirst for knowledge and desire to learn.

We aim to enable all learners to flourish in a changing world by acquiring:

  • knowledge

  • concepts

  • skills

  • attitudes


We value the community in which we live and work.

We aim to encourage:

  • a caring and responsible attitude towards one another

  • a respect for members of the wider community

  • a respect for property belonging to other individuals and the community.


We value the contributions made to our school from parents and the local community.

We aim to create a school that is approachable and accessible and so develop a trusting partnership between:

  • home and school

  • the school and the wider community