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Inspire, Explore, Nurture, Succeed.

Our aim is to inspire, engage and motivate our children to ignite a passion for learning so that they reach their potential.  We will achieve this by providing an immersive, creative, personalised and nurturing environment where children can explore, discover and learn through real life experiences to build the foundations for lifelong learning.



Love, Peace, Hope, Reverence, Grace, Community, Thankfulness, Perseverance and Forgiveness are our Christian Values that sit within our core values.


What do our pupil’s say about our school ?

H is for happy

E is for everyone is a team

C is for caring

K is kindness

I is for interesting learning

N is for not giving up

G is for growth mindset

T is for trying our best

O is for outdoors

N is for nothing but FUN!



What do our parents say about our school ?

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Would you recommend this school?

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Our school theme this year is ADVENTURE!

We believe that learning should be an adventure.  It will have it's challenges and successes but we are aiming to travel the journey of learning to reach our end goal.

  Take a look at our newsletters and Twitter to find out about our adventures!


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