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Welcome to our class page.  Please check back regularly to see what we have been learning in Year 6.

Meet and greet letter


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This week's news

This week’s reporters are, Anneli and Bethan

We have been looking at precising of Lord of the flies and spotting the verb, subject and object. We were writing a diary from the point of view from someone in the Great Depression. Most people in the Great depression didn’t have jobs or enough money to buy food. Sadly, some people didn’t survive the decade because they couldn’t pay for food or even running water.

This week in maths we have been multiplying up to four digit numbers by two digit numbers . We have also been focusing on our four and six times tables ready for our times table tests every week. Place value has also come into our lesson as we focus on huge numbers up to ten million. We all also showed resilience and kept on going when it was difficult.

Yesterday we played an exciting football match. Lots of fun was had by all – teamwork was amazing. Ben got a reward of sharing hot chocolate with Mrs Bentley because he showed so much resilience with his maths. PE this week has been good as we have been focussing on throwing and catching rugby balls.

Furthermore, our week in Hazel class has been great!!! We hope all weeks this term will be as astonishing as this one has been!!!

David Hockney style art

We have looked at the style of David Hockney and created our own versions. Can you guess whose pictures we used?


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