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Meet and greet letter

Term 3 topic letter


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Rocket launching

Science day celebrated 50 years since the lunar landing so we launched rockets. Using our understanding of Newton's third law of motion we experimented to find out how to achieve maximum thrust by varying the speed and mass of the "exhaust gasses". We also got wet and sent a rocket flying over the school!


Archived weekly news


This week's reporters are Ellis and Jack

In maths we have been doing about decimals and timing the decimals and  the bus- stop method to get the answer . it was very hard at first but we got through it in the end.

In English we were writing about a very eye catching book called  the girl in ink and stars .we read up to chapter 4 so far and it is very interesting  . We have also learnt about things to make your sentences sound nicer.

In P.E we did some football skills with Mr Allan such as passing , not to get tackled and there was a ball in the middle and we had to touch the ball and come without knocking it off. We did basketball with Mr Fuller and some skills.

This week’s reporters are Aleasha and Jennie,

Interestingly, in maths we have been working on fractions, mostly dividing and multiplying them. Which started off looking confusing, however as we did more throughout the week, it became really simple. It was super fun to learn something that we had never done before, now we can do everything we thought was difficult. We also focussed on multiplying fractions by whole numbers and mixed numbers, which was awesome. Maths this week has been really fun and can’t wait to make more progress.

English this week has been really cool, especially because we have been reading a eye-catching book called Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. This book has drawn all of our attention to read more and see what happens next. As well as that we have been planning and publishing our written arguments, some did about smoking, mobile phones, pets and P.E.  We added as much vocabulary in them as possible, once we had written a draft of it in our books and edited it, it was time to publish it and most of were turned out amazing.

In P.E we have been doing netball with Mr Allen and gymnastics with Mr Fuller. It was fun and have been learning all the positions in netball. In gymnastics, we are focusing on the different rolls including forward, backward and teddy bear rolls. We have had a lot of exercise during P.E and has kept us healthy.

It has been a great week this week and can’t wait for more challenges along the way!

This week’s reporters are Emma and Willow

 This week we will be talking about what we’ve done in Maths and English.


This week in Maths we started looking at multiplying fractions, but everyone flew through it so Mr Fuller changed to a different maths focus so that is why we have been marking our assessments so we know what areas we need to work on.


We have been working about arguments. We all loved writing arguments, people thought it was difficult but some of us thought it was easy. Here is an example

 “Can I get a ice-cream because it is really hot today, you may say that it is a waste of money , but it is keeping you hydrated which is good for your health.


We do P.E twice a week .On Monday we do Netball with Mr Allen and everyone enjoys it. We are learning to defend and how to through the ball the Netball way.

On Wednesday we do gymnastics with Mr Fuller and people get entertained by putting there feet above their head .


We have started science this week we all stared at a picture with a black dot and we all went WOW! Once we finished that we looked around the room we saw the proper USA flag.


This week’s reporters are, Jake & Lola.

 This week has been assessment week and it was our chance to show off.  Surprisingly, some people were looking forward to it! We all tried our very best and think we did well.

In maths we have been looking at fractions and how to add and subtract them. Most people think adding is easier than subtracting, we had to use smiles and rainbow to convert them. In English we have read up to chapter 5 in Percy Jackson, we are all finding it interesting. We have acted out scenes from it and talked about how the character would be feeling.

This week is parliament week! We have split ourselves into groups called Labour and Conservative and elected leaders which are Lola for Conservative and Jennie for Labour, then we talked about what we agreed on our groups manifesto. We are having a Parliamentary debate today. 


This week’s reporters are, Evie and Beth.

This week in English we have been writing evacuee letters about ww2 and then we wrote it up neatly and put tea bags on it then scrunched it up to make it look old. We swapped our books around the class room to evaluate our work.

In maths we have done word problems trying to find key information then we could work it out. However, it was really tricky but we persevered and we got there in the end. Our teacher gave us five steps to success that really helped us to find out the answer.

Geography was really fun as we got to do some papier mache and waited for them to dry we got to paint the different zones on a mountain. Although it got really messy we tidied up really quickly and that made it easier for our next lesson.

 We are learning about ww2 so in history we looked at operation dynamo. Which means we had to write a paragraph about how the 16 -19 year-old fighters felt there was about 400,000 soldiers went to Dunkirk. The prime minister said if 10% people came back he would be happy. Instead 360,000 soldiers came back.

In R.E. we were looking at a text about God he said to his people do not touch the mountain or you’ll have certain death. We highlighted the bits that we thought showed love. Then we had lots of discussion about how he showed love to protect his people then we got given a sheet to write how God showed he cared in the text.

Every week, we get given a times table we need to work on and this week most people showed an improvement in their scores when we got tested. In spelling we learnt ible and able words we also linked this to our handwriting.

Energetically, we did orienteering in P.E. so we had to draw our own maps while finding the things to draw around the school.




This week’s reporters are, Chloe & Beatrice.

This week in Hazel class, we have explored the fascinating French language. As an introduction to this new subject, we started by learning the French greetings: Bonjour, j’m appel and au’ revoir. Furthermore, our class had paired conversations in French to test our knowledge. In addition to learning, we all enjoyed it!

Recently in maths, Hazel class have been battling through the tricky standard multiplication. We have looked at two-digits by three-digits and some of us even went on to doing four-digits! We have also used the BIDMAS method.

During English, we have read Lord of the Flies and have begun to plan news reports about it. Our aim is to use opinion language and we are having success so far.

In P.E, we have been doing orienteering with Mr. Alex and rugby with Mr. Fuller. Both have been challenging yet also very fun.

As our topic, we looked at WW2 and especially the blitz, which we gained knowledge of by reading two different types of texts; one  primary evidence and the other was secondary. We had to work out for ourselves which one was which.

Also, we have been looking at the characteristics of the Christian God and reflecting on our own reaction to these views. We finished the week with our harvest festival in St. Andrews church. All gifts will be given to Selaford food bank.


This week’s reporters are, Anneli and Bethan

We have been looking at precising of Lord of the flies and spotting the verb, subject and object. We were writing a diary from the point of view from someone in the Great Depression. Most people in the Great depression didn’t have jobs or enough money to buy food. Sadly, some people didn’t survive the decade because they couldn’t pay for food or even running water.

This week in maths we have been multiplying up to four digit numbers by two digit numbers . We have also been focusing on our four and six times tables ready for our times table tests every week. Place value has also come into our lesson as we focus on huge numbers up to ten million. We all also showed resilience and kept on going when it was difficult.

Yesterday we played an exciting football match. Lots of fun was had by all – teamwork was amazing. Ben got a reward of sharing hot chocolate with Mrs Bentley because he showed so much resilience with his maths. PE this week has been good as we have been focussing on throwing and catching rugby balls.

Furthermore, our week in Hazel class has been great!!! We hope all weeks this term will be as astonishing as this one has been!!!

David Hockney style art

We have looked at the style of David Hockney and created our own versions. Can you guess whose pictures we used?


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