24/06/2019   Shakespeare in Action becomes Pantastic for Hazel Class!

It goes without saying that the last few weeks have been incredibly busy. So busy in fact that many of the children's topic books are already full! From dissecting Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and mastering the complicated tangled web, to coaching Juniper class in the comedic methods and multiple plot lines in the script. This all then led to a workshop where the play within the play became the prime focus. Within this workshop, our budding actors and cast of Pantastic developed characterisation through how they carry themselves throughout the play- to tell a back story of a complex character through gesture, posture, facial expressions and tones of voice.

We are now at the stage where we can rehearse our play in full, with thanks to the hard work of the children and Mrs Brown in making the props and back drops.

Keep an eye on the newsletter for performance dates.

It would be really helpful if costumes could be ready and in school in a named carrier bag by Friday 5th July.


A huge thanks for all your support with this production. The cast cannot wait to perform Pantastic!