06/09/2019   Welcome back! What a week!


The only way to sum up the hard work done by the Silver Birch children this week. On Wednedsay the children were introduced to our Rainforest topic through lessons in guided reading, English and Geography. We talked about the aspects of the rainforests we would like to learn about and looked at some images. The children were able to lead a deep shared discussion about current events in the Amazon and my favourite quote from the day was "the rainforest is like the lungs of our planet!".

The following morning, an inspired class member read out a draft of a letter they had written to the Houses of Parliament urging them to take the matter as seriously as our class. A parent also told me today that their child had been working on the computer on some Rainforest research for their homework. I was in awe.. I haven't set any homework this week!

I am so proud to be spending this year with these children, who are inspired, motivated and compassionate- determined to make a difference in their school and in the wider world.

Watch this space as our topic unfolds and the children drive their ideas to make climate change and human activity a real topic of conversation in our school and community.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Ruffy :)

P.S. here is a useful link to review the next unit in our Number and Place Value work as we look at the use of Roman Numerals. Dojos for any children who can tell me why there is no zero in Roman Numerals.


Can you write your birthday in Roman Numerals? What about today's date?