29/09/2019   Introducing Greta Thunberg

As we get ready for another week and delving into our topic even further, I can't help but look back with great pride at the impact the children's passion for the topic is having upon their wider curriculum activities. In English we have delved into the speech given by Greta Thunberg last week. The children have magpied the powerful language she uses to drive home her message. We will be considering what this means to us this coming week and how we can use this inspirational individual's dedication to climate change to make a small difference from our classroom.

I am looking forward to the final rainforest creature projects submitted with homework this week. We have had a few already handed in and the sneak peek I have had has shown a high standard of quality and care to each piece. We also enjoyed a further presentation with J who used powerpoint to present her findings. Thank you for your support with homework, it has had a real impact on class work already.

Finally, we are in battle against Hazel Class on timestable rockstars... tonight's peek has revealed we have just slipped slightly into second place. The children's determination to win this challenge is excellent! Good luck, Silver Birch!