28/11/2019   Parents Evening- Thank you

Hi all,

I just wanted to thank you all for your time this week at our two parents evenings. It is lovely to be able to celebrate your children together, there's so much to talk about in such a short time but I hope you have taken away a clear view of how your child is doing in class.

I really appreciated the feedback on what is working in regards to homework too. I have taken this on board and will be including regular times table practise tasks to complement home use of Times Table Rockstars, and I will ensure the spellings continue weekly. These will be a mix of the year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling lists. Spellings will be tested every Wednesday and new ones sent home with homework on the Thursday. This has really helped the children take more care in their independent written tasks.

We also talked alot about reading during our meetings and I am going to arrange a 'book tasting' session to gauge a deeper insight into how children tackle new books, and what stops them wanting to try something new. I will endeavour to find genres that appeal to all children to inspire them to read for pleasure- from magazines, and children's novels, to non fiction books and online blogs. Reading is reading, and the more we read, the more we know- to paraphrase Dr Seuss!

Finally, if you ever wish to meet to discuss any matter I try to make sure I am available before the bell goes in the morning, and have some availability after school for longer appointments on a Tuesday or Thursday. Just give me a shout or pop into the office.

Thanks again,

Mrs Ruffy