10/01/2020   Welcome back!

Welcome back to a new term, in a whole new decade!

The children have been working super hard already, delving into the Norse Tale Beowulf in English, and taking a deeper look at retrieving data from tables in Maths. Next week we will be moving onto line graphs in our data work in maths, and building description in paragaphs that develop characterisation and settings in English.

We have launched our topic with some map work to identify the countries the Anglo Saxons travelled from, and where the seven kingdoms were on the British Isles. The children also made brooches that required a careful focus on symmetry, intricate design and added some jewels to embrace the beauty of Anglo Saxon jewellery.

This term we are going to have a big focus upon spelling and taking care in presenting all writing to the expected standard. It can be quite tricky to remember everything when adding new learning to our memories, but with a big focus on punctuation and spelling this term across every written piece of work we will be masters in transcriptions in no time. Everybody is now using a pen in English to reinforce that careful handwriting too. It would be reallly helpful if children could continue to practice their spellings at home. We would usually put these in reading diaries but as these don't always come into shcool we will start sending them home in homework folders. Children will be given 10 spellings each week to focus on. The children have a range of strategies up their sleeves to practice spellings and should use their preferred method to do this at home.

For anybody fancying some additional challenges from home, I wonder if you could create portriat of an Anglo Saxon that details the kind of clothes they might have worn, the equipment they may have carried and labels to explain the materials used to make these items. We will add these pieces to our class Anglo Saxon display.

Don't forget to spend some time on Times Table Rockstars. Let's get Silver Birch in the top 30 for the whole school!

Have a great weekend :)