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Welcome to our class page.  Please check back regularly to see what we have been learning in Year 6.

Mrs Norris


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Frozen Kingdom


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Nifty Netball!

Year 6 have been working very hard with Mrs Kelly to practise skills needed for the perfect game of Netball. Our very own Holly and Megan have been fabulous coaches, lending their expertise to the class. Mrs Kelly has been blown away by their sportsmanship and patience as they teach important skills and tricks - well done girls! 


Future 2.0

Last Wednesday 7th November, years 5 and 6 visited Lincoln Unversity to take part in a furturistic technology and science event linked to Star Wars! 

The children were very excited to try thier hand at virtual relaity, robot making, lightsabre battles, robotic coding and more. 


Heckington 100

As part of Heckington 100, Hazel Class have been researching and creating different art forms and skills that show our respect and remembrance of all those involved in WWI. 

Below is the link to our full video documentary. 


In addition to this, Hazel Class have made some beautiful poems! These will be displayed in the church so please go along and have a read. 


Creating websites using HTML tags!

During our computing lessons this term, we have been studying and learning HTML tags. Now, we have been able to create Mexican websites using tags. 

Click on the links below to see our website pages! 

https://thimbleprojects.org/norrisy6/562299  - Thomas and Elsie


https://thimbleprojects.org/norrisy6/562302   - Sophie and Grace


https://thimbleprojects.org/norrisy6/562304   - Harriet and Eva


https://thimbleprojects.org/norrisy6/562307  - Darecy and Alex


https://thimbleprojects.org/norrisy6/562313   - Kiera and Alfie


https://thimbleprojects.org/norrisy6/562315  - Holly and Megan


https://thimbleprojects.org/norrisy6/562317  - James and Elliotte


https://thimbleprojects.org/norrisy6/562319  - Jessica and Evelina


https://thimbleprojects.org/norrisy6/562321  - Dan and Charlie


Year 6 Make a Mexican Feast

Year 6 have been researching and making Mexican food as part of their Mexico topic. The children first investigated what makes a healthy and balanced diet within Mexican culture. As part of our design and technology project, the children then looked for a dish that looked tasty and inspired them. 

In groups, the children brought their ingredients in and then made their Mexican treats for parents to be our taste testers. 

Were you brave enough to try the food? 


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